2012 All New Jupiter Z1 - white

2012 All New Jupiter Z1 in Indonesia – New Machine, Fuel Injection, 20% More Performance

2012 All New Jupiter Z1 - white

Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia YIMM has launched an all new Jupiter Z1 which is the upgrade from the original Yamaha Jupiter Z 115 (or also known as Lagenda 115Z in Malaysia). This is definitely an all new machine that is equipped with new fuel injection engine. The engine not only gets an upgrade on the fuel delivery but also on the inside of the engine. It features the technology from Yamaha racing knowhow that is YZ Crankshaft Technology, Low Friction Technology and Forged Piston.  

2012 All New Jupiter Z1 - red

The crankshaft are taken from the technology of YZ450F which is a trail bike that contain a lot of torque. Low friction technology are used to minimise the friction so that the power are not wasted and delivered to the power train with minimal power loss.

2012 All New Jupiter Z1 - green

One of the proven technology from MotoGP is the use of the forged piston. This kind of piston has high material durability and at the same time is lightweight. In the end, the piston are able to deliver the massive power from the engine and making the bike is much more easier to be accelerated.

2012 All New Jupiter Z1 - blue

What surprise me is the 20% power increase claim from the previous version of the Jupiter Z115. 20% is in fact a big increase, but with the available technology fitted to this bike, I think it is achievable. The current version of the Jupiter Z115 produces 6.0kW, so based on my calculation the Jupiter Z1 is at 7.2kW. The current top speed of the Jupiter Z115 is 110km/h, so again I’m calculating that this Jupiter Z1 should be able to get 132km/h. All that are based from my calculation and not tested on the road.

2012 All New Jupiter Z1 - black

This is really what I expect from one of the top bike manufacturer in the world. Improvements, green technology and at the same time still capable of producing of fun and high performance bike from a small engine.


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