Honda Click 125i with Idling Stop in Thailand

AP Honda Thailand just launched their automatic bike, Click 125i with the addition of new feature that is ‘Idling Stop’. This system is one of the benefit that is obtained from the use of ACG alternator system that also works as a starter for the engine. Previously, we have known that ACG system provides silent starting mechanism of the engine. Now, the same ACG are used to take the Click 125i to the next level of fuel-efficiency by the application of “Idling Stop’. This means that this bike with shut of the engine ignition in case of idling such as in traffic light stops. It will shut down the engine when the engine is idle for 3 seconds. Why 3 seconds? This is due to rider intention that might be taking U-turn or just stopping momentarily at STOP sign before continuing to move.

Honda Click 125i right now seems like the almost perfect automatic bike under 125cc category right now I think. It got all the advanced features that mainly reserved for higher priced bikes with design that looks amazingly great. Check out more info at AP Honda Thailand  via: AP Honda Thailand via: TMCBlog

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