Seven New Models for 2012 by AP Honda Thailand


AP Honda has released seven new models of their bikes. The lineup comprises of 4 new model (including Click 125i model change from the 110cc) and 3 new graphics scheme model change.

The new model includes the Honda CRF250L which is a motocross with the engine based on the CBR250R. This CRF250L are global model, so it means that we in Malaysia might get this too. CBR250R was a global and it is being released in Malaysia, so I’m hoping Boon Siew Honda will bring this in. 

Next is the Honda PCX150 which is also global model. This AT bike features 150cc engine and has been very popular by the bikers.

New for the 2012 is the Honda Spacy i. As the name suggest, it features big space for the underseat box and being fed by PGM-FI system. The space are big enough to fit a helmet and the FI system helps for the fuel economy.

One of the new bike that I’m interested is the Honda Click 125i. This is the new model change from the previous Honda Click 110cc. This new Click 125i features a new global engine known as the eSP engine. The underseat space are also big and able to fit a helmet in, but I’m not sure whether it is for open-face helmet or full-face helmet. And again, this is global model, so I’m really hoping this will make its way to Malaysia.

The other 3 bikes gets a new graphics scheme update that is the Honda CBR150R, Honda Wave 125i and Honda Wave 110i. All the graphics are looking better now. It seems that Honda engineers are getting better nowadays in terms of design and function. Good job Honda!


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