A.P. Honda Co., Ltd. to Release New Click 125i (125-cc scooter) in Thailand

2012 Honda Click 125i

– Equipped with eSP*1, a global scooter engine with improved fuel efficiency –

Bangkok, Thailand, January 10, 2012 – AP Honda Co., Ltd plans to sell in Thailand the Click 125i, the new 125-cc sports scooter based on the Thai-manufactured 110-cc Click-i, starting in January 2012.

The Click 125i is the first model to be equipped with eSP, Honda’s newly developed 125-cc global engine for scooters, which boasts improved durability, quietness, and high fuel efficiency. 

The Click 125i presents a sporty design with aggressive and innovative looks based on the image of the new engine featuring cutting-edge technology and an exhilarating ride, while inheriting the “slim & sharp” concept of the Click-i.

The Click began in 2006 with the debut in Thailand of the Click 110 sports scooter. A new model equipped with the PGM-FI*2 (Programmed Fuel Injection) system was launched in 2008, achieving a high-level balance between riding performance and fuel efficiency. The Click series models have enjoyed widespread popularity in the Thailand sports scooter market.

Honda plans to install the eSP global engine for scooters on a wide range of 125-cc scooter models that will be launched in various countries throughout the world starting in 2012.

“eSP” stands for enhanced (reinforced, with greater value), Smart (refined, high-precision and highly sensitive) and Power (motive power, engine). eSP is the general term for liquid-cooled engines for scooters achieving both higher environmental performance and greater dynamic performance through use of advanced technology for higher fuel efficiency and an ACG starter.
PGM-FI is a registered trademark of Honda.
via: http://world.honda.com/news/2012/2120110New-Click-125i-Thailand/?r=m

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  1. This is basically the same bike or scooter I was planning to buy this year. It’s now filled with more safety features, and is so economical in terms of gas usage.

    One thing I love bout it also is that it has this wider seat for a more comfortable ride.

    You guys might want to check on those Honda Scoopy’s as well. They are classically designed.

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