1967 Honda Dream – Electric Motorcycle Conversion [Video]

1967 Honda Dream - Electric Motorcycle Conversion

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. I think that is the perfect sentence to explain about this built. BuildElectricMotorcycle.com has uploaded an ‘as you build’ video of this 1967 Honda Dream which has been operated to give modern interpretation by installing 48 volt electric powered motor. The conversion is nice to see since it combines old skool bike with modern technology that is available today. I wish I could do this to my bicycle too. The problem is I don’t have the tool to do it or even a bicycle yet.

Check out the ‘as you build’ video embed after the jump¬†

via: http://www.motoblog.it/post/34057/come-costruire-la-vostra-moto-elettricavideo

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