Modenas MR1 100cc Unveiled – The Bike for The Rakyat (People) RM2,948

Modenas MR1

I’m guessing the acronym MR1 refers to ‘Motosikal Rakyat 1’ that literally means ‘the bike for the people’. It is indeed. The price is superbly affordable for a Modenas bike at RM2,948 which is the average money we need to put down for a down payment for a new bike. You’ll have no problem to get a new ride for your first job after you graduated from university. Then, you might be thinking, what about the reliability? Modenas has extended the durability test from 200 hours to 300 hours for 20,000km. That’s a good number for this cheap bike. Here in Malaysia, we use to have problem with cheap likes the one with the brand from China. So, this cheap bike coming from Modenas Malaysia is a good timing. 

Deep in my heart, I wish there MORE product from Modenas which include better innovation and break the tradition of bikes but still acceptable for the rest of us! MORE!!!


Thanks to Shukri Zakaria for the tips!

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