Installing BMC Air Filter FM624/04 and NGK G-Power CPR8EAGP-9 Platinum Alloy Spark Plug for my Yamaha 135LC ES 5-speed

BMC Air Filter inside the air filter box

I have installed the BMC Air Filter for my 135LC ES with the code FM624/04. I have wrote a preview of the BMC Air Filter here. BMC Air Filter is a superflow air filter which can maintain 98% of air flowing to your engine. The normal paper air filter can only provide 60-70% air flow to the engine. You can imagine this if you try to breathe with a mask covered with paper. I think you won’t be comfortable inside it. I also have changed the spark plug to NGK G-Power CPR8EAGP-9 Platinum Alloy which have smaller center electrode that provide better spark. Usually the changes of air filter should came with the change of spark plug for better performance.  

Remove the 4 bolt to get into the air filter

After installing the BMC Air Filter, I can immediately notice my bike become much lighter and I don’t have to twist my throttle hard to send in the power. I can feel the bike is easier to move. Throttle response also being improved. You can have much more rapid throttle action with this BMC Air Filter  installed. For example, I can now easily move my bike from 40km/h in 4th gear to 80km/h in much shorter time. I don’t know the actual time, but it really is much shorter that what I felt previously with the stock air filter. I’m very happy with the throttle response and the feel of my bike right now. It just feel much more responsive and eager to accelerate. It feels like a beast waiting to be unleashed.

Take out the air filter cover after the 4 bolt has been removed

One more thing that I notice is that, I can have lower throttle opening to achieve the same speed with stock air filter. The throttle response are now much more linear and predictable, especially in 4th gear. You’ll know how the power will go when you twist the throttle. No more lazy power delivery. Everything is fast and quick.

I have talked to Mr. Giulio, the area manager of BMC Air Filter  about the performance of it. He said that by installing this air filter, the carb will be leaner since there are much more air flow to the carb. The good thing about the BMC Air Filter is not just about the cotton air filter but about the frame that is made from PU (polyurethane) than is flexible and evenly attached to the filter element using polyurethane epoxy glue. The cotton filter element is preoiled to prevent dirt gets into the engine. Without the oil, the cotton filter element  will not works well. The cotton filter element of BMC Air Filter have filtration size from 10-20 micron which can easily filter sand, dust and debris. Normal polyester filter element can have the filtration size at 80 micron, which are not able to filter small sized sand.

Remove the bolt here to take out the center cover

In 2010, Max Biaggi have used this BMC Air Filter and win the WSBK champisonship. In 2012, BMC Air Filter are going to sponsor the Yamaha Factory Racing team and you are going to see the BMC sticker at the bike. Usually it is being attached to the swing arm of the bike. BMC Air Filter also has made the CRF (carbon reinforced filter) that is made specially for the WSBK but now available for sale for superbikes usage. Price is not cheap though!

BMC Air Filter also has being used in Eurocopter helicopter and they have tested the helicopter is Nevada, which is a desert full of sand. The test result are good since BMC Air Filter provides good filtration and minimise the maintenance cost of the Eurocopter.

But, what about the top speed? Has it increased after you used this BMC Air Filter? Let me be honest with you. The answer is NO. Using BMC Air Filter is not going to increase the top speed of the 135LC ES 5-speed, but it provides shorter time to achieve its stock top speed that is at 120km/h. I have asked this question too to Mr. Giulio and he said that I’m correct, since high performance air filter only provides better air flow that benefit the throttle response, but for top speed, you need to modify at least the exhaust system. Yoshimura guys? Hehe… Maybe next.

Oh, the price of the BMC Air Filter FM624/04 for 135LC ES is RM278 RM228(confirmed price by Manfred from QBEE).

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20 Replies to “Installing BMC Air Filter FM624/04 and NGK G-Power CPR8EAGP-9 Platinum Alloy Spark Plug for my Yamaha 135LC ES 5-speed”

  1. Want more perfomance for ur lc 5speed? It’s already proven.. Just look for car mechanic nearby n let them do the job. That carb almost similiar to throttle body… Then don forget to change ur cdi to brt. No need to do major modification to get better perfomance… Try 1st then see the result.. Tq

  2. saya pkai 5 Speed,,nak dapatkan pickup dan top,,saya bagi rahsia,,,pakai spoket 15-36, minyak hitam Castrol Power 1, Air Filter BMC, CDI OKIDA,,,top speed 140 km/h, @ 160 lc lama,,,,,,,,^_3,,pasnie jangan kena tinggal dengan ex5,wave 125 dan yang seangkatan dengannya,,okeyy geng, ^_7, hehehehehehe

  3. saya pkai 5 Speed,,nak dapatkan pickup dan top,,saya bagi rahsia,,,pakai spoket 15-36, minyak hitam Castrol Power 1, Air Filter BMC, CDI OKIDA,,,top speed 140 km/h, @ 160 lc lama,,,,,,,,

      1. i own yamaha LC ES..
        the problem is, the max top speed is 110 km/h..

        do uu have any suggestion to increase the speed?? any modification???

  4. Dear Eddy,

    i just bought LC135 5 speed just like yours, after trade in my 2008 LC135.

    My question is,

    may i know which shop do u go for installing BMC Air Filter FM624/04?

    and whats the price RM for NGK G-Power CPR8EAGP-9 Platinum Alloy Spark Plug?


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