Honda New Dream 110i in Thailand – PGM-FI Fuel Injection EX5!

Honda New Dream 110i

Thailand just got their another FI bike from Honda that is the New Dream 110i. The code for this bike is ND110K and ND110M, which I think the variant of this bike that refers to kick starter and the other one that is electric starter. It is better just to get one variant that is the electric starter. The design of this New Dream 110i tells us that Honda engineers still able to revive their popular cub, the Dream a.k.a EX5 in Malaysia, to the new futuristic design along with new technology such the advanced programmed fuel injection system, the PGM-FI which is proprietary for Honda. 

It features multi hole nozzle injector for better fuel atomisation to provides precise and cleaner combustion. Other than that, it can provide great mileage for a very little of fuel. In this case, New Dream 110i are able to get 57km/liter (if I translate that from the picture above correctly). The power should also gets higher since the ratio of fuel and air that are mixed up inside the combustion chamber are now metered precisely.

The design really takes the cue from the previous version of Honda EX5 Dream. I can feel the aura strongly about it even it came with so many improvements. The key system are now equipped with shutter to prevent theft which is the usual concern of owners. It gets new meter panel with new colours and new design. Much more hexagonal look than the previous one that look more squarish. Headlamp are also upgraded with new design along with the tail light that are now much modern and cleaner. One special thing about bikes in Thailand is that it came with front basket that is placed just above the front mudguard.

Honda New Dream 110i RED
Honda New Dream 110i GREEN
Honda New Dream 110i BLACK

The Honda New Dream 110i comes in 4 colour to choose from that is red, green, blue and black. All colour are good with this bike, which one you choose will be a great choice (if it came to Malaysia).


This is the great improvement over the classic interpretation of modern ‘People Mover’.


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