Kawasaki Motor Indonesia will produce 30,000 New Ninja 150RR Facelift

Kawasaki New Ninja 150RR Facelift

This is good news for Indonesian bikers as they are going to get the upcoming facelift of the popular Kawasaki Ninja 150RR which is also known as Kawasaki KRR-ZX150 in Malaysia. I’m hoping this news also mean that we, the bikers in Malaysia are able to get to see this bike too brought here by Kawasaki Malaysia. 

The design cues are now brings much more familiar face since it is taken from the silhouette of its bigger brother, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R. The headlamp and side profile really looks like it is from Ninja 250R.

Meter cluster features the big RPM meter on the center for easy monitoring of the engine performance to get the perfect shift every time. The speedometer there maxes at 200km/h which I think is able to be achieved with this bike since it is 2-stroker. Fuel level meter at the right side also help to give the rider information about the fuel. Kawasaki are known for bikes without fuel meter since they like to use fuel indicator that only lit up when the fuel is low.

The rear end is also updated with new tail lamp (LED?) that I see can be make to become fenderless easily.

In the end, we, as the riders in Malaysia, always keep this question in our head; will it come to Malaysia?

via: http://tmcblog.com/2011/12/02/kawasaki-akan-produksi-30-ribu-new-ninja-150rr-facelift/


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