Millyard Viper V10 – 8,000cc Superbike!

Millyard Viper V10

MM reader, All Blacks, has sent me a message about this Millyard Viper V10 superbike. This bike is an one-off motorcycle made by British engineers Allen Millyard. The engine is taken from Dodge Viper’s 8,000cc V10 which produces more than 500bhp

For comparison, the BMW S1000R can go all the way to 186mph (electronically limited), whereby this Millyard Viper V10 can go up to 207mph as tested by MCN. The creator are going to have it go at 250mph. All the weight and long riding position might hinders this Millyard to be handled well.

The good thing about V10 engine is that it produces smooth power delivery in every RPM which should help the throttle response. Anyway, by having more cylinder, the engine maintainance also getting high and the complexity of the repair also becoming more difficult.

via: Wikipedia

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