Yamaha 135LC Radiator Cover / Coolant Protector

Yamaha 135LC Radiator Cover / Coolant Protector

This is the newer version of radiator cover which is one of the popular accessories for Yamaha 135LC. Radiator cover can protect sharp and harmful pieces of shrapnel, debris or stone from hitting and damaging your 135LC radiator.

This one provides better airflow to the radiator and at the same time protect it. The Yamaha logo and Yamaha wording there adds nice touch of the cover. The price is also cheap. You should install this to your bike since the replacing radiator is very expensive.

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  1. Hi there, i am from Indonesia, and i would like to buy this radiator cover, how much will it cost? And can you send it to Indonesia? Please reply to my email. Thanks a lot.

  2. Sorry friends. First time to post comments, I am from Vietnam. Hello friends.

    I would like to buy this Radiator Cover, anybody help me to purchase it?


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