2011 Modenas CTric Electric Bike

2011 Modenas CTric Electric Bike

Modenas CTRic (pronounced citric) has been made available for test ride at the Modenas Carnival last few week at GTMax Motor, Shah Alam. I have taken the opportunity to test ride since I have never ride an electric bike before. The test ride are great since it gives me a feel of how electric bike can deliver its power and how it is different than the normal internal combustion bike.

On the initial start up, after turning the key, there is a switch on the right hand side that we need to set to ‘D’ that refer to ‘Drive’ position. There 3 position of the switch that is D, N and R. Yes, R refer to ‘Reverse’. I don’t think the R function will be used regularly. After that has been done, the bike is now ready to go. The sound of the engine at this time is completely silent (as expected from an electric bike).   Turning the throttle move the bike forward with a very little whirring sound from the tyre and the chain but not from the motor. I was wearing an open face helmet at that time, but the sound is still almost inaudible. If I were to use full face helmet, I think I can’t hear anything from the bike motor (engine). The power delivery has been regulated so that there is no shock when you rapidly open the throttle due to the installation of torque synchroniser. Electric motor are known to deliver very high torque from very low RPM (maybe even at 1RPM) and all the way to its maximum limit. So, torque synchroniser are one important addition for the bike.

The test drive are actually short and I have tried to ‘feel’ every detail of the bike. I want to actually test drive this bike in actual normal riding usage to answer few burning question about it. Does the battery can deliver its power without being dead at the wrong time of the moment? Also, I didn’t get to test the top speed of this CTric but inside the brochure it is said to be at 60km/h. This number can be improved from time to time, so this is a great effort by Modenas.

I can say that this bike is great for anyone who uses the bike below 50km back and fourth in a day since you can’t leave your bike being recharged like it is getting fueled up at petrol station. Charging takes about 3.5hour.

Based on what I see from the bike and the brochure that is given at the booth, it really seems that this bike is ready for production. I have asked few people from there and they said that they are just waiting for the green light from the Puspakom so that this bike can be insured and road legal. My hunch tells me that by the end of this year, we just might get this bike on the road. The price is estimated to be below RM5,000.

As a conclusion, this is bike is great effort from Modenas. Given few more year with continuous R & D can further develop this bike to be better in terms of mileage, top speed and lower charging time.

UPDATE (17/06/2011): It is launched! Check it out here: http://motomalaya.net/blog/2011/06/13/modenas-ctric-launching-on-16th-june-2011/

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