78mm Cylinder Block for Suzuki Belang R150 by Palex

78mm Original Cylinder Block for Suzuki Belang R150

Stock bore and stroke of Suzuki Belang R150 is 62mm x 48.8mm. This block has been bored up to 78mm that produces total of 235cc of displacement to be burn. Aftermarket and modding parts for Suzuki are known to be more expensive than the parts for Modenas, Honda and Yamaha bikes.

Original link after the jump  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2050202061008&set=a.1472622381877.2064103.1423177447&type=1&theater

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  1. Sir Palex, how much is the 78mm original cylinder block for suzuki raider 150? And it is okay to use in stock cylinder head, 32mm koso carb, have racing gear 5&6, zero gasket, and it is safe to use everyday? Also the shipping cost, is how much? thanks, hope you may send me a answer for my question,… GOD BLESS,..

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