Showa Denso High Tension Ignition Coil for Yamaha RX-Z, Y125Z & 135LC

Showa Denso Ignition Coil for Y125Z, RX-Z and 135LC

Great spark will be produced when using this Showa Denso high tension ignition coil.

Ignition coil is actually universal uses, means that you can also use this ignition coil even if your bike is Honda Wave 100. I have seen in my hometown in Kelantan, a Honda C70 uses an ignition coil which is sourced from Perodua Kancil (a car, if you guys out there don’t know). The owner of the bike show me that the ignition produced was powerful when he pulled the spark plug about ONE feet away from the engine, but the spark can still ‘sparked’. He said that this kind of high spark power can deteriorate your piston quickly, as the spark can make a hole in the piston.

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