Racing Bee Racing Big Valve Head for Honda Wave 125

Racing Bee Big Valve Head for Honda Wave 125

Honda Wave 125S, 125X and 125X Ultimo all have the same engine.

Using this big valve head will enable your engine to take in much more air/fuel mixture from the carburetor and as a result you can have great power gain. To get the best result from installing this big valve head kit, you need to have your carburetor properly tuned. You can read the Mikuni Super Tuning Manual if you want to it by yourself or you can just send your bike to the workshop to get it done.

More power can be gain if you match this big valve head with 57mm bore-up cylinder kit and larger diameter carburetor like 34mm UMA Racing Carburetor, combined with sprocket setup of 15-37T 415 and correct carburetor tuning, I’m sure you Wave 125 can go fast. Drive safely though!

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Thanks to Syark86 for all these pictures

Price is estimated at RM420

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