FG511: Racing Boy Forged Rim – RM2,680

FG511: Racing Boy Forged Rim
Racing Boy Forged Rim

For now this forged wheel is only available for Yamaha Y125Z. Forged wheel are better than cast wheel in many aspects. The most important aspect is in its lightness and strength. Usually forged wheel are only available for superbike, but now Racing Boy has make the important step to made this available to underbone riders.

The price for this forged wheel are absolutely more expensive than the cast alloy wheel that Racing Boy already offer in its wheel lineup.

Look for the comparison table below

Normal Wheel vs Forged Wheel

Description Normal Wheel Forged Wheel
Material Aluminium A356-T6 Aluminium 6061-T6
Making Process Solid -> liquid -> solid Solid -> solid
Content not compact compact
Weight 50% lighter than iron 65% lighter than iron
Strength 254 MPa 276 Mpa
Balancing Movement 226g (more weight) 10g (better)
Deflection 0.5mm 0.3mm (better)
Generation rate 5-6% 15% (better)

Price is at MYR2680.00

UPDATE (11/10/2010): 8 pictures added!

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