Yamaha SRX and SRV on Yamaha Malaysia Website

Yamaha SRX 100cc and SRV 100cc along with Yamaha 125ZR and Yamaha 135LC

While browsing to look at 2010 Yamaha Malaysia bikes line-up, I stumble upon this two familiar bikes that is Yamaha SRX and Yamaha SRV which already exists on the market for long time ago (in year 2003, I guess). Now, it has make its comeback to the website. I wonder why it is being featured in the website now. Is Yamaha Malaysia planning to sell these bike along with the newly introduced Yamaha Lagenda 115Z and 115ZR?

We know Yamaha always introduce bike that have radical styling, latest technology and extraordinary design. SRX and SRV by this definition looks outdated, old and seems out of place with all the great bikes that they have like Yamaha 125ZR, Yamaha 135LC and Yamaha Lagenda.

Yamaha SRX brochure can be downloaded here: {filelink=2}

Yamaha SRV 100cc becomes the cheapest Yamaha bikes for sale at RM3730 (excluding tax, insurance etc) and Yamaha SRX 100cc at RM4514.75 on the road.

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