YYPang Parts and Accessories Catalog

YYPang Parts and Accessories Catalogue
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YYPang exhaust pipes for 2-stroke bikes
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YYPang exhaust pipes for 2-stroke and 4-stroke bikes
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YYPang Racing Kit for Yamaha Lagenda
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Pictures above is in medium resolution, so, click to enlarge. I post these pictures here for all of us to enjoy and also my place to keep these pictures for easy access when I don’t bring my laptop to the bike shop (my phone can browse Internet).
I hope Mr. Pang will not be furious about me posting his catalog, and I think this is a good publicity for him.
YYPang racing parts has been used a lot in Yamaha Lagenda for Malaysian Cub Prix race. Some of the parts here are expensive, but quality is proven as Motul YYPang team has always been on the podium.
Exhaust pipe are the easiest performance upgrade we can do to our bike whether is Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Modenas, big bike or small bike. For 2-stroke bike, exhaust pipe is very important as it is very closely related to performance of the bike and that is very true if you look at the exhaust pipes YYPang has to offer for Yamaha Y125Z bike. It has 6 different pipes!
Different exhaust dimension will give different performance at different RPM. For stock exhaust pipe, the pipe is tuned for good overall performance with almost silent sound. But, if you look for the sprint test exhaust pipe, you can see it is shorter and the ‘belly’ or the chamber is slimmer. This is due to the fact that this exhaust need to perform very well and at its very best at highest RPM. Meaning that the performance of this sprint test exhaust is not good from low to mid RPM. In sprint test, who doesn’t hit the throttle to full carb opening and highest RPM?
Choose your exhaust wisely.


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