Why LC135 have only 4-speed gear and 125Z have 6-speed gear?

LC135 is 4-speed and 125Z have 6-speed: Why?

Have you ever wonder about this? Why is it the marvelous and lovable Yamaha LC135 only have 4-speed gear and Yamaha 125Z having additional 2 speed gear? Is Yamaha neglected the important aspect of speeds and thrills? Well, I have been thinking about this for a while and tried to find out why. Here is what I’ve found out…

The reason why Yamaha 125Z needed to have 6-speed gear is due to narrow powerband that is natural for 2-stroke engine. 2-stroke engine needs RPM more than 5000 (depends to the engine bore x stroke) to deliver its optimum torque, whereby 4-stroke engine can deliver the optimum torque from as low as 1500 RPM. So, because of this, 2-stroke engine needs to have a lot more gear than 4-stroke engine to make sure the torque can be spreads out all along the speed (km/h) starting from low speed to very high speed.
For example, LC135 can run on 4th gear as low as 20km/h and from there you can also speeds up to 140km/h without hesitation from the engine. Try this on your 125Z, and tell me how does it feels. It is an advantage of 4-stroke engine to have a wider powerband than the 2-stroke engine. One of the most known bike to have a very wide powerband 4-stroke engine is the Honda EX5. You can drive it slow and suddenly accelerate it without hesitation.
As you can see, having only 4-speed gear on LC135 is not a disadvantage, it is the nature of 4-stroke engine that have wide powerband. But, I think it is also not a wrong decision if Yamaha engineers decides to make LC135 being 6-speeder! More gear change, more fun!

Drive safely!

For more info about 2-stroke engine, click here.

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8 Replies to “Why LC135 have only 4-speed gear and 125Z have 6-speed gear?”

  1. minyak 4t clucth lc 135 pkai 10-5-/15-50..
    byi mgg biasa tapi jangan biar..
    campur metal treament skit jer jgn byak takut lembik… apa2 hal emel aku [email protected].. lc boleh blah tapi ada cara nya tanpa usik barang lain masuk enjin…itu rahsia aku hahahahaha aku amik rm 60 jer,,,
    aku juga ada jual barangan aksesori yamaha ori punya…
    malaysia takda…konform ori…
    (syafiq MOtor)

  2. lc clucth mgg cam tuh…..
    pkai 4t 10w-50/15-50….
    kalo bukan clutch takpa pkai 10-40 atau sama sbb ringan skit…
    lc clucth tambah metal treatment skit jgn banyak takut lembik…
    kalo teruk sangat rebeat balik mangkok dia tuh.. tapi mgg sllu byi tapi kalo kuat sangat mesti smething… lc first model aku tune balik meter rapat gak … cuma model baru nih ja ada kureng skit tapi mgg ada beza ounya.. kalo sapa nak aksesori yamaha ori aku [email protected]…malaysia tak da barang nih harga murah tapi ori…

  3. salam bro.aku pkai lc clutch. tp ada bunyi kasar la sket. ble tarik clutch kurang sket bunyi.aku tanya pomen dia ckp clutch mmg jd cm 2. nk tanya ler kot2 ader cara nk kurangkn bunyi kasar 2..ader info anta kt [email protected].
    serius nk perbaik lc aku ni.

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