MCS 15-37T 415 Sprocket for Yamaha bike

MCS 15T Front Sprocket
MCS 37T Rear Sprocket

MCS is one of the sponsor of Malaysian Cub Prix. The quality has been proven in races in the series. 415 series sprocket and chain is considered race chain setup due to its closer teeth configuration and obviously lighter in weight compared to 428 and 420 setup.
The problem with 415 setup is that it is easy to wear out and hence, needs a more frequent maintainance and replacing.

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2 Replies to “MCS 15-37T 415 Sprocket for Yamaha bike”

  1. both are good sprocket choice. i have seen both used in racing whether illegally or in Malaysian Cub Prix races. the choice is really up to you.

    but if you really a good one, you can get the RK or SSS that is made in Japan.

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