Modenas Ace 115 new colour – Lime Green!

Modenas is introducing a new colour addition to the recently launched but already popular, Ace 115, with the colour green. I’m not sure what is the official colour name for it (maybe metro green), but by the look of it it just look like lime green which is very synonym with Kawasaki. Modenas is a…

2012 Modenas Ace 115 Product Video

A brief video about the idea and development of the recently launched Modenas Ace 115. It is good to see that it is being tested very well for 20,000km and 300 hours of engine test. The bike also gets a large fuel tank at 5.3 liter. Check out the video embed after the jump 

2012 Modenas Ace 115 Brochure – RM4,598

Official brochure from Modenas. You can expect to get this brochure at bike shop near you soon. At the back of the brochure page, there is a detailed technical specification that includes it performance rating. It is at 7.3kW/8500RPM and 9.1Nm/4000RPM. Check out the inlay and back cover after the jump