2012 Modenas Ace 115 Product Video

A brief video about the idea and development of the recently launched Modenas Ace 115. It is good to see that it is being tested very well for 20,000km and 300 hours of engine test. The bike also gets a large fuel tank at 5.3 liter. Check out the video embed after the jump 

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One Reply to “2012 Modenas Ace 115 Product Video”

  1. hurm…good video by modenas.. one with huge mistake.. 46.1km per liter @80km/h…. not 46.1km per tank! @80km/h… macam mana nak tegur silap nie ke modenas.. rugi.. motor lawa doh.. ader ke 1 tank penuh leh pegi 46km ajer… huhuhuhu.. jangan salah eh, saya sokong modenas sebab tuh saya te

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