2012 Modenas Ace 115 Brochure – RM4,598


Official brochure from Modenas. You can expect to get this brochure at bike shop near you soon.

At the back of the brochure page, there is a detailed technical specification that includes it performance rating. It is at 7.3kW/8500RPM and 9.1Nm/4000RPM. Check out the inlay and back cover after the jump 

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5 Replies to “2012 Modenas Ace 115 Brochure – RM4,598”

  1. Imam Zulfikri ~ Please at least support our local product bro..

    Admin Motomalaya ~ As what I’ve heard, this Modenas Ace 115 has been booked around 14,000 unit for the 1st day it been launched. Good news for our local bike company. keep it up!!

  2. POwer enjin seciput bawah 10kuda. Ok lah kot pasal tangki besor. LC baru 4L, nie bole jalan jauh sikit. Tapi tayor 16″ tu yang spoil giler, Rasanya rim 17″ tak muat kot kecuali pakai tayor sotong nipis.

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