2016 Yamaha NMax launched in Malaysia – 155cc sporty scooter – RM8,812.84 (basic with GST)


Yamaha NMAX is a sporty scooter model based on the concept of “City Commuter with Global Prestige”. The NMAX has a newly developed BLUECORE engine, which boasts improvements in combustion efficiency, improved cooling performance and reduction of power losses. As a result of this trinity of improvement, the NMAX is able to achieve a “higher maximum power output and operating torque”, said Mr. Takehiko Gotanda, Engine Project Chief of Yamaha Motor Company, Japan. A new liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve, 155cc fuel-injected engine with CVT on a body with styling that reflects the “MAX” family of models like the “TMAX” and “X-MAX”, which is popular in Europe. 

2016 Yamaha NMax Red

The NMAX has been planned and developed as a world-class next-generation 155cc scooter that offers strong torque at low speeds and power at high speeds, which makes it an ideal scooter for the Malaysian motor scooterists that traverse through urban city centers and highways. Yamaha NMAX inherits the DNA of the MAX series, and offers sporty performance, a compact body size for ease of use and a high level of convenience in urban areas, plus styling and functions that denote its status as a next-generation model that will fulfil the needs of customers wanting to step up from 100cc–125cc scooter models.

2016 Yamaha NMax Grey

Main Features

• New liquid-cooled, Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC), 4-valves, 155cc BLUECORE engine with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) and Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT).
• Body styling with a central tunnel based on the MAX model family
• Riding position with a high degree of freedom and comfort for both small and large physiques
• Under seat storage capable of holding helmet (Some helmets may not fit in depending on shape)
• LED headlights and rear brake lights for brighter and clearer illumination during riding.
• Front and rear disc brakes for optimum braking performance
• Twin rear suspension for better riding stability and comfort
• A 6.6L fuel tank that is strategically positioned in the center tunnel easier reach and convenience

• A full LCD instrument panel which offers a modern and trendy design
• Seat equipped with spring fitted hinges that offers more convenience during storage compartment accessibility.

The NMAX comes in two trendy colors, red and gray, and will be made available to all authorised Yamaha dealers nationwide by April of 2016 at a price RM 8,812.84 (basic with GST without registration, road tax and plate number).

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46 Replies to “2016 Yamaha NMax launched in Malaysia – 155cc sporty scooter – RM8,812.84 (basic with GST)”

  1. Bluecore enjin budak kedai yamaha dah test bawak naik KL-Genting, minyak RM8 pergi balik, enjin dia ada 2 setting cam, low profile cam dgn high cam, jalan slow, dia akan guna low cam, jimat minyak, mmg sedap celah pasal xbesar mcm vts200 atau Elegan, tapi aku geram gak tgk Honda RS150R, PGM-FI dgn 6 speed, liquid colled, adeh! Mana satu ni

  2. Minggu lepas dpt tgk depan mata. Mmg cun tapi sedih tak dpt nk tgk keseluruhannya (box bwh seat). Kunci takdak. Apa2 pn Malaysia selalu di anak tirikan. Semua negara asean dpt model ABS kecuali msia. Kt indon boleh pilih nk yg mana 1. Kt siam hanya model ABS. Kt msia hampeh. Tyr dia kecil drp vts & pcx. Dgn jln berlobang2 kt KL ni risau gak.

    Ada yg dh booking walaupn harga belum confirm lagi. Takpe la Hong Leong, kita tunggu & lihat perkembangan seterusnya.

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