2016 Honda CBR500R to be unveiled at AIMExpo, US, on Oct 15-18


Honda is set to unveiled the 2016 Honda CBR500R aggressive styling design at AIMExpo (American International Motorcycle Expo) on Oct 15-18 in Orlando. From the pictures teased by Honda, we can see that it seems that it carries aggressive design and a new muffler design.  

Honda, on its official website states that Honda CBR500R:

<Key features of the CBR500R>
“Aggressive Speed Shape” is its styling concept, and the new CBR500R is equipped with a new LED dual headlight. From the striking, more forward-slanted front face to the rear area designed as if it’s swinging up with a new LED tail lamp, the overall form and edgy character lines give expression to a dynamic flow in the wind.
The new irregular shaped cross-section muffler’s internal structure has been changed to achieve further mass concentration, generating crisp exhaust sounds, accenting the low tones.
The newly designed, larger-capacity fuel tank also has a hinged fuel cap, improving user-friendliness when refueling.
The front suspension is equipped with a preload adjuster system.
The brake lever adjustment mechanism assures good fit in the hands of a wide range of riders.
Launch of the CBR500R is planned for 2016 in the U.S. The regions with sales planned include North America, Europe, Asia and Japan (CBR400R).

The headlight is looking nice.


Pictures are from Honda Official Press Release

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