2015 Yamaha Y15ZR GP Edition now available in Malaysia – RM8,347 basic


The much awaited variant of the Yamaha Y15ZR now has come. The Yamaha Y15ZR GP Edition are now available at shops. As usual, we expect this model to be the limited production. Maybe only at 2,000 units.   2015-Yamaha-Y15ZR-GP-Edition-Malaysia-002

Other than the changes to the livery, we can also see the use of different colour rear monoshock. It is now in the yellow colour. The ‘normal’ Y15ZR comes in black colour rear monoshock. We don’t know whether this involves different suspension setup or not.


Anyway, get it now if you don’t want to miss this one out.

2015 Yamaha Y15ZR price is RM8,347 basic without insurance, road tax and registration.

Thanks to Haziq Faris for sharing this up!

Harga Yamaha Y15ZR


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