Spyshot: 2015 Modenas CT115 coming soon?


Modenas are not letting out the competitors to have all the glitters and gold. You can actually see this banner at the recent Pirelli World SBK Malaysian Round at Sepang Circuit. The banner shows a new bike that is not on the line up currently offered by Modenas. We can see that it is different in terms of the headlight position. What would be the bike looks in full? We have found out a spyshot of it, but not sure whether it is the real thing or not. Check it out after the jump:

If the price for the bike is right, it can find home in many riders garage in Malaysia and maybe overseas too.

UPDATE (7.54pm, 6/8/2015): We are sorry as we had to remove the spyshot of the bike. No worries as we will update the real picture as soon as it is launch for all of us!

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69 Replies to “Spyshot: 2015 Modenas CT115 coming soon?”

  1. Modenas ne suruh mat moto kT malaysia modi barang die ikot spec kita. Buat tiang fz,carb 32,gransap lc tambah berat…
    Baru laju..
    Modenas ne sebenar nya bijak kalau pndAi pk.. Mcm moto kiss dulu time sama keluaran ex5hp..
    Tgk block racing tok kriss yg tanpa korek enjin banding ex5…

  2. Ape susah,modenas patut r&d sumbat je la engin modenas jaguh 175cc tu dlm body modenas ct110 tu,dh dpt kapcai 175cc,lepastu letak disc depan blakang,sportrim mcm dinamik,jual hrga 5k,mesti laku punya,pengguna skrg nk kapcai ber cc besar,minyak kuat skit takpe yg penting power bleh cucuk angin 250cc.

  3. biar sedar diri,
    nak bakpe lwn kalo PASTI kalah.
    mcm proton,
    buat kok mana pon org tamau jgk..

    buat ngabihkan duit utk research bagai je.

    kurg2 org2 kampong,
    yg bodoh-motor mcm aku ni still beli lg.
    nak lumba,wikang xpandai.
    kriss pon tahan 20thn.

    selagi blh niaga,
    teruskanlah..tayah nak terikut2 kampeni besau,
    last2 mkn diri..bengkrap ?

  4. actually modenas bikes were not so hot compared to others manufacturer…from my own opinion their bikes still need a lot of improvements on their design and engine reliability and performance..now there’s even other manufacturer (like SYM) who step over than modenas despite local manufacturer lose plenty of steps back in bikes industry

    1. For me sym more to copy design from other manufacturer…there is no rnd from chasis until assembly…differnt from modenas…they need to do rnd, design stage, soft tool and hard tool stage, and assembly process. The problem is modenas marketing strategy and they dont know current market demand…

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