Gallery: Modenas TTR200 – cafe racer from Malaysia


2015-Modenas-TTR200-015For those who didn’t attend the Pirelli World SBK Malaysian Round last week, you’ll miss out the opportunity to have a detailed look on the Modenas TTR200. TTR is said to be ‘Teh Tarik Racer’ as opposed to its styling that is Cafe Racer.   2015-Modenas-TTR200-006

[Warning: All these information below is just rumors and not official]

It is said that the engine is based from Modenas Jaguh from sometime ago which comes in 175cc displacement. It is logical to bore up the cc to 200cc and tune it up a little bit.  You can see the carburetor is placed openly in the middle and this make me think that it is super easy to replace this to a bigger sized carburetor. 30-34mm Uma Racing carburetor maybe?


The chassis however, is said to be fully made in-house by Modenas by their engineer. The chassis fits the overall look of the bike nicely and properly.

Hopes are held high to see this bike into production and roaming to the road in Malaysia.


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