2015 Yamaha Jupiter MX King 150 arriving to Indonesia – the 150LC or Exciter RC for the rest of us


Yamaha Indonesia has moved forward to bring its most awaited 150cc moped that is the Yamaha Jupiter MX King to its dealership earlier than the actual launching date which on next week.
First, Yamaha has released the bike in Vietnam with the name of Exciter 150. The Exciter comes in two version with is the RC and the other one in the iconic Yamaha racing livery that is the GP version.

Mas Joe from Indonesia kindly noted us that the 2015 Yamaha Jupiter MX King might be priced around Rp 18.7 million (RM5,262 direct conversion) to Rp 19.1 million (RM5,373). I’m not sure why there is the price variation like that but I’m thinking there might be a special version like the GP version in Vietnam.
As a Malaysian, when will this come to Malaysia!

Image by Mas Joe of motoblast.org with permission. Thanks Mas Joe!


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