2015 Yamaha YZF-R25 Officially Launched in Malaysia – RM19,783 (basic) – available in April 2015 [UPDATED]


2014 Yamaha YZF-R25 has been unveiled officially in Malaysia by Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia. It is a very interesting bike and focuses on the performance which is exactly what Yamaha should do and they do deliver. It comes in two colour choices that is Diablo Red and Racing Blue (this is the normal version, NOT the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP livery).


This is an interesting bike as we all know it. It fights the other 250cc bikes in terms of performance. I love this bike as soon as I know the specs. It delivers 36PS (35.5hp, 26.5kW) at 12,000RPM with torque rated at 22.1Nm at 10,000RPM. This is definitely one of the highest power rating for a 250cc bike compared to currently available in the market. As a comparison, look at these numbers: 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250 2-cylinder is at 32hp, 2011 Naza Blade 250 V-Twin 2-cylinder at 28.8hp and YZF-R25 only lower than 1998 Kawasaki ZX250R 4-inline at 45hp (this one higher la cause 4-inline, I put here to compare only la bro).


The engine is the highlight of the bike as it is equipped with 4-stroke DOHC 8-valve (4-valve per cylinder) 2-cylinder inline liquid-cooled configuration. It is definitely fuel injection type with TCI (Transistorized Control Ignition) ignition system. One thing to note is that this engine is tuned to handle a high compression ratio at 11.6:1 that provide better ‘kick’ for each power stroke of the bike engine. The bore and stroke dimension of YZF-R25 are overbore at 60.0 x 44.1mm which shows the high-revving-happy of the engine due to the short-stroke configuration.


Transmission fitted for this YZF-R25 is the sweet 6-speed gearbox with multiplate wet manual clutch system. 6-speed gearbox will enable you to play nicely with the engine high RPM to maxes out the 36PS from it.


Braking system is handled by disc brake system for both front and rear tyre. The front brake system features 298mm floating disc(two-piece type) 2-piston caliper. The rear brake system is handled by 220mm one piece disc with 1-piston caliper.

Suspension are also given special treatment by Yamaha as the front telescopic fork are now 41mm which can be considered big in its class. For comparison, the other bike that use big front fork diameter like this is the KTM RC 200. Rear suspension is the usual monocross suspension that provides great handling.

Yamaha favourite frame type is the diamond-type and it is again being used in this YZF-R25 as it offers high stiffness and low weight for that easy handling especially when taking corners.

2015 Yamaha YZF-R25 price in Malaysia is estimated at RM20k but it is not final yet. Some says that the final price is lower than its 2-cylinder competitors. This is CKD in Sungai Buloh. For OTR price, I can safely estimate around RM23-24k. Is it a good price for a good bike?

UPDATE: 2015 Yamaha YZF-R25 price in Malaysia is RM19,783 (basic without GST)

Yamaha YZF-R25 Technical Specs/Specification
Type : 4-stroke, 8-valve DOHC liquid-cooled motomalaya.net
Cylinder/position : 2/inlinemotomalaya.net
Bore X Stoke : 60,0 X 44,1 mmmotomalaya.net
Compression ratio : 11,6 : 1motomalaya.net
Fuel System : Fuel Injectionmotomalaya.net
Ignition system : TCI (Transistorized Control Ignition)motomalaya.net
Spark type : CR9Emotomalaya.net
Battery : GTZ8V (MF Battery 7.4 Ah)motomalaya.net
Starter : Electric Startermotomalaya.net
Lubrication: Wetmotomalaya.net
Engine oil capacity: Total = 2,40 L ; Servis = 1,80 L ; Oil filter change = 2,10 L
Length x Width x Height : 2.090 mm X 720 mm X 1.135 mm
Seat height : 780 mm
Ground clearance : 160 mm motomalaya.net
Wheel base : 1380 mm
Caster angle : 25 degree
Trail : 95 mmmotomalaya.net
Maximum output : 26,5 KW(36 PS) @ 12.000 rpmmotomalaya.net
Maximum torque : 22,1N.m @ 10.000 rpmmotomalaya.net
Curb mass: 166 kgmotomalaya.net
Fuel tank capacity : 14,3 L (Res : 3 L)
Chassis type: Diamondmotomalaya.net
Transmission: Manual, 6-speedmotomalaya.net
Clutch : Wet, Manual clutch , Multiplatemotomalaya.net
Front & Rear tyre : Tubeless 110/70-17M/C(54S) & 140/70 – 17M/C(66S)
Front and rear brake : Floating Ø 298mm, 2-Piston & Disc Ø 220mm 1-Pistonmotomalaya.net
Front suspension : Telescopic Fork (diameter 41 mm)
Rear suspension : Monocross Suspension
Front lamp : DC Halogen 12V,55W (H7)
Rear lamp: LED

Official press release by HLYM:

Sepang, 5th February 2015 – Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd  (HLYM) launched its latest pride, the Yamaha YZF-R25 in conjunction with the Yamaha Motor Co, Ltd Japan’s Motorsports Media Conference at Sepang today. The resilient Yamaha YZF-R25 carries all the accumulated Yamaha DNAs from years of passion, knowledge and experience. This combined DNA presents an unparalleled sports bike feel and sensation which the company is excited to present to the Malaysian motorcycle market.

The R-series sports bikes have been exemplary and the YZF-R25 takes it a notch up with its 2-inline Diasil cylinders, DOHC, 8-valves liquid-cooled 250cc, forged piston and downdraft induction fuel injection system combined with a lightweight body design with a perfect centre of gravity. The power and weight ratio is at its stellar best in this model as well. The dual predator headlights speak volumes of the kind of detailed thought put into the YZF-R25. Its unique angular design offers a “predator look” but also functions brighter, sharper and has focussed lighting.

During the launch, Mr. C.H. Ng, Managing Director of Hong Leong Yamaha Motor said, “We are thrilled to present to you the YZF-R25 for so many reasons. There is no doubt we have always been proud of the Yamaha R Series. The YZF-R25 is sporty, lightweight and stylish. Its sleek design is only rivalled by its superb functionality and this is why we are certain it is a model that will be sought after by superbike enthusiasts.”

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor is also proud to unveil this sports bike for its nimble and easy-to- use daily riding experience. The YZF-R25 has a super sport split seat, super sport speedometer, super sport led tail light, aluminium cast wide wheel and wide tyre. Its asymmetric swing arm is strong and solid for a more stable ride with a Monocross Twin-tube rear suspension for sure-handling at sharp corners during high-speed. The YZF-R25 is also agile for its diamond-type frame which is compact and lightweight. Made of steel tubing that offers optimum balance of strength and stability, this superbike is set to take its riders on a speedy yet safe and bump-free ride. Its mid ship sporty muffler also makes for a more exciting ride as it projects a sexy masculine sporty sound.

“Yamaha earned widespread acclaim in 1998 when Yamaha released the “YZF-R1” into the European and North American markets. It was dubbed as a model that offered “unsurpassed excitement” on winding roads. This model raised the bar in sport bikes and enthusiasts waxed lyrical about it, earning widespread acclaim,” said Mr. C.H. Ng. “We take great pride in the YZF –R25 as it uses the R-Series technology and know-how Yamaha has accumulated since the original YZF-R1. Now, we present the “YZF” lineup to the 250cc displacement class. This high level of riding performance and styling DNA which is inherited is worthy of an R-Series model, yet it gives sports bike buffs easy handling for day to day use. We are certain the YZF-R25 uses its full potential of a 250cc sport model and is apt for a global market.”

The YZF-R5 is set to take the market by storm with all its offerings. Hong Leong Yamaha Motor is confident this model, with its agile handling, inimitable super sport design and balance of high performance and fuel efficiency, will supersede all expectations. More importantly, it will also meet all requirements enthusiasts have for any superbike and offer an exhilarating ride.

Image and price info credit to Sinar Turbo, Adam BR.

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