2014 Honda CB650F already available in dealers shop – RM39,999 basic

wpid-wp-1411363081720.jpegKok Cheng Motor already gets the stock of the Honda’s entry-level to inline-four, the CB650F.  There are two colours available at the moment,  grey and white. CB650F is one of the interesting bike from Honda since it features inline-four engine at the time where many manufacturers are looking for downsizing their bike lineup to less number of cylinders to keep the price low. Honda are able to produce inline-four bike and the same time, makes its available for the masses with a very competitive pricing.


Redesigned headlight as compared from the normal round headlight on the CB400.


wpid-wp-1411364212503.jpegA great muscular side profile. Look at the underbelly exhaust tip, it’s just nice.

wpid-wp-1411364217631.jpegThe rear tail light is squarish and have a little bit of CB400 aura.

wpid-wp-1411364221958.jpegBanana rear swing arm that adds another muscular style.

wpid-wp-1411364227545.jpegInline-four engine with 4-1 exhaust setup.

wpid-wp-1411364234148.jpegThe only bike that I think can fight with CB650F is the one from Yamaha,  that is the XJ6 naked at RM40,152.30.
Heads up to Kok Cheng Motor at Klang and see the bike live.
2014 Honda CB650F price is RM39,999 basic. On the road brapa bang? Entahle. Kena tanya kedai tu.
Via: Kok Cheng Motor FB

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