Honda NSF100 – pure racer with 100cc – JPY410,00 or RM12,370


Only 100cc but this bike made for the track for pure racing enthusiasts. Made with MotoGP in mind, the NSF100 features some of the design cues taken from the racer RC211V. This kind of small is great for a newbie to learn the handling of the bike in the track before going for bigger capacity and more powerful bike. If you can’t handle the small capacity bike, probably you can’t handle bigger capacity bikes too.


The engine is small at only 100cc but it can produces 8.4PS which is higher than other production bikes with similar engine capacity. For example, the 2013 Honda EX5 Dream can produce 5.64kW or 7.67PS from the 110cc engine. So, this NSF100 engine is much more powerful with smaller engine capacity.


The design cues from the RC211V is very prominent here with the use of the underseat exhaust to make look more racing and this can also make the rider can lean the bike in much lower angle without hitting the exhaust piping from the manifold to the muffler.


Even with the blank white FRP panel, the NSF100 front cover looks very nice. It got that RC211V flair. Imagine if this bike is coloured with the HRC three colour scheme. That would be awesome!


The tachometer is using the electric-type to read the engine revolution which has been used earlier in RS125R and 250R. The handle bar are also angled inwards for the race style handling.

Honda-NSF100-003Price for the bike is JPY410,000 or RM12,370 and only being sold to racing team that fits the HRC requirements.

Honda-NSF100-002Honda NSF100 Technical Specifications:

Model name NSF100
Model HR01
Length × Width × Height 1,556mm × 595mm × 911mm
Wheelbase 1,074mm
Minimum ground clearance 123mm
Seat height 681mm
Caster 23 ° 36 ‘degrees
Dry weight 73.6kg
Engine type Air-cooled, 4-cycle, single cylinder
Total emission 99.2cc (cm3)
Bore × Stroke 53mm × 45mm
Maximum output 6.2kw / 9,500rpm, 8.4ps / 9,500rpm
Maximum torque 7.4N · m / 7,000rpm, 0.75kgf · m / 7,000rpm
Carburetor 22mm
Starting method Push
Ignition system CDI
Transmission Five
Brake Front: a single disk
Rear: single disc
Tire size 100 / 90-1248J front
120 / 80-1254J after
Suspension Front: telescopic
Rear swing arm type



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