2014 Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit GP Edition – estimated RM7,200 basic


This October we will see the MotoGP for Sepang round. As I expected, HLYM has prepared the special edition of 2014 Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit GP Edition (5-speed). This has continues few years back and remains to this year.
Usually, the GP Edition will be produced in limited production. For the 2013 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition, there is only about 1,000 units. All of the units are snapped less than 2 month.
The GP Edition got special center cover which is now in blue colour which adds a little different style than the normal 135LC.


The price usually about RM400 higher than the usual edition of the 135LC at RM6,800, so here I estimate the basic price of the 135LC GP Edition is at RM7,200 (correct me if I’m wrong).

Via: Ah Hong Motor FB


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