2014 AGVSPORT Armour 3D Riding Jacket from QBEE Motor – affordable premium jacket – RM208



AGVSPORT is one of the new name in motorcycle safety apparel in Malaysia, but they has been making their name in America specifically in California, where AGVSPORT is being used in California Superbike School. I have tested this AGVSPORT Armour 3D riding jacket and absolutely satisfied with it. Even more satisfied to know that it is only priced at RM208!

The first time I ride with this jacket is when I take back the Z250SL to my home for the test ride. It was at night and when riding with this Armour 3D jacket, I feel so hot and I thought maybe this is due to the night that is hot. It turns out that I fully zipped the jacket and the jacket polyester works effectively to prevent the cold at night. Then, I open the jacket a bit and ride on. The night was actually cold as I always remembers it and this Armour just works to prevent the cold getting inside.

I think, if this is how it works, then what happens if I ride at day? It turns out great too. On an average speed of 100km/h, you can open up the jacket a bit to let a little air in, but on my testing, it does not feel anyway uncomfortable to have it fully zipped.

My advise for you is to choose the jacket size properly so it can fit very well to you. For my size, I’m using M, but that is a little on the large side, but S is too small. So, choose your AGVSPORT Armour 3D jacket well and with its price of RM208, I think it will well worth your money.

Contact Mr Amir: [email protected] for more details about the AGVSPORT.

Or www.qbee.com.my

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