Honda Street Cub mods – the good made better


Street Cub is a modified Honda C50/C70 made to look modern but at the same time holds it unique flair of the Honda design. This craze has been taking over Malaysia and it is easy to find Street Cub like this anywhere in Malaysia. In fact, I also got to see one at my place in Banting. It is sure looking good.

The mods include the use of wide front and rear tyre to make it look like a chopper stance. The rear mudguard is shortened to expose more of the wide tyre.  


The handle is modified to use the design of the C50 which for now is absolutely rare. This make the bike looks retro enough and can bring childhood memories for those who have seen the C50 in their young ages. In my childhood, I only managed to ride my grandpa Honda C70 with the circle lamp (Honda C70 lampu bulat la tu).


This particular Street Cub is made single seater and this is reasonable since the tail has been cut short. A single seater bike is called egoistic bike since it carries one person per engine (I might be wrong here).

Overall, I can say that this is one of the best looking mod style that I’ve ever seen so far. I wish I could own one of these too.

via: Koh Kai Boh FB

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