MotoGP 14 game now available – ride among the best – USD39.99


motogp14.jpgMotoGP 14 has come out for gamers out there and this game will surely test your skills about riding. It includes the champions from the past and also the current riders that races in MotoGP today. MotoGP 14 will be a great game for you know more about MotoGP history and in no time you’ll remember more details about MotoGP that your friend who are not playing the game. Available in PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and also PC.  motogp14

Sepang is also included in the MotoGP 14 which should be no surprise since Sepang has been the MotoGP for a very long time.

MotoGP 14 for PC price is USD39.99 from Steam.


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