2014 Honda CBR250R dual headlight launched and CB650F, CBR650F previewed in Malaysia – standard RM19,999, Repsol RM20,999, Trico and ABS RM22,999 (basic)


That is a very long title that I have to write. Yes, the rumors are correct and indeed the 2014 Honda CBR250R dual headlight has finally landed to Malaysia. Most of the changes are cosmetics like the obvious use of the dual headlight compared to the 2011 Honda CBR250R that use single headlight. This design follows the design of the headlight of the CBR1000RR. In Indonesia, the CBR250R gains few optimization on the intake airflow and new exhaust muffler design of the 1-cylinder 249cc DOHC MC41 engine with the bore and stroke dimension of 76.0 mm x 55.0 mm that maxes out 29ps at 9,000RPM with the torque rated at 23Nm at 7,300RPM. For Malaysia version, we can’t confirm about this changes since we are not able to get the official technical specification yet, but since this CBR250R is Asean CKD in Thailand, we think it should carry the same specs like the Indonesian and Thai version.

The price of the 2014 Honda CBR250R dual headlight is RM19,999 for the standard version, RM20,999 for the Repsol and RM22,999 for the Trico and C-ABS version (all prices are basic not including tax, insurance and registration). This number is way above our estimation of RM16,500 because we thought maybe Honda wants to fight the price of the Kawasaki Ninja 250SL at RM17,689. For that, we’d say sorry. 


Also there at the launch is the 2014 Honda CB650F and CBR650F, but it is there for a preview only. The bike will only be available in August 2014. It is a very interesting bike since it comes with inline-four 650cc engine that Honda says ‘entry-level to Honda inline-four’ that should reflects it affordability. The price for the CB650F and CBR650F are estimated to hover around RM42k-49k (since BSH says that it might be priced below RM50k).


The 16-valve inline-four DOHC engine claimed to push 85.8hp and 46.4 lb-ft of torque. That is a healthy power from the inline-four engine. It brings the memories back to the era of CB400 inline-four roaming on the road in Malaysia especially in Johor since many of this bike are from Singapore.

Credit to Anuar Norick Sabaruddin and Sinar Turbo for the pic and info

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  1. Thai jual cbr250 11ribu…indon jual 13ribu sbb import dr thai …malaysia yg cuma guna keretapi jual 20ribu…..kawasaki ninja 250sl kat indon regenya pon dekat 11k sbb pasang kat situ….jual kat malaysia sbb cukai dgn kapal laut jadi 17.8ribu…kalau dikira tax 60% direct convert tak jauh sgt larinya…tp moto honda pi ke langit..bglah harga logik sikit untuk moto setaraf dgnya(single piston).. kemon la..

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