2014 Demak Skyline 200 – RM9,710 (basic)


Demak Motor has unveiled this 2014 model named Skyline. Based from my research on the net, it seems that this bike is powered by 200cc engine and enclosed in deltabox frame. At first, it looks like FZ150i but on closer inspection it looks very different. You’ll notice the tail light design on the picture after the jump:


Also available in blue colour. 2014 Demak Skyline price is RM9,710 (basic). Is it a good price for the 200cc bike?

via: https://www.facebook.com/BLHMotor?fref=photo and https://www.facebook.com/demakmotor?fref=photo and http://www.mudah.my/NEW+Demak+Skyline+200-28016946.htm?last=1 and Bikezone88 FB

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74 Replies to “2014 Demak Skyline 200 – RM9,710 (basic)”

  1. Nk cari kt mana yg berkualiti tp murah…standard la dgn harga yg dibayar..aku pkai demak dzm mula2 ade la sikit problm..lps hntr SC kt batu caves ok dah…tukar tank rege 5 ratus for free…bolh la nk bljr koner baring sikit2…benti kt lampu,org tgk kagum dr jauh tu..yg x malu trus tye bape rege..gaya mcm nk angkat 3 trus..hihi

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