Michelin City Pro motorcycle tyre at Motack, Penang – RM53-RM83 depends on sizes

City Pro Diagonal ViewMICHELIN, the market leader in tyre technology has showcased its latest innovation in the
Asian market with the new MICHELIN City Pro in a launch event on June 15 in Padang Kota
Lama in Penang, held in conjunction with the MOTACK 2014 and the Penang Bike Week
MICHELIN City Pro is the latest generation of Michelin motorcycle tyres especially designed
for intensive urban use and subjected to the most demanding of impacts and stresses. It is
intended for small motorcycles of up to 150cc and big-wheeled scooters.
Whether it is used by a city-dweller commuting to and from work, a courier or a delivery rider
battling through inner-city traffic jams on poor roads, the MICHELIN City Pro is perfectly
adapted to the needs of its users.
The MICHELIN City Pro tyre offers three significant advances in comparison with its
predecessor and rivals, namely unprecedented robustness to substantially reduce
punctures, enhanced safety and longer life.  City Pro Tread View
With the combination of 3 reinforced protection plies in the tyre crown, Michelin’s tyre
technologies has enable the MICHELIN City Pro to become a more robust tyre that is at
least 20% more puncture resistant compares to its closest competitor. Additionally, its
specifically developed rubber compound mixture ensures a 10 percent longer lifespan than
rival tyres and its new tread pattern delivers enhanced grip on dry, wet and slippery
surfaces, ensuring safety.
The combination of these special features in the new MICHELIN City Pro, summed up as
greater strength, longer life and safety, is an achievement which embodies the MICHELIN
Total Performance design philosophy which seeks to maximize the multiple benefits in all
the areas of tyre performance simultaneously and uncompromisingly.

City Pro Side View
“MICHELIN Overlap Technology (MOT) incorporates built-in protection in the form of three
reinforced plies underneath the tread which is itself characterized by the thickness of the
rubber used. This technology yields unprecedented results, since the MICHELIN City Pro
improves puncture-resistance by 20 percent compared to its best-performing rival.
Furthermore, the new tyre MICHELIN City Pro has an outstanding mileage performance and
thanks to its exceptional robustness, the tyre maintenance budget of your motorcycle will be
reduced,” says Marketing Director for Two Wheels Asia, Varit Pakdeeyingyong.

MCityPro Test Riders
“This result was confirmed by an in-house test conducted by Michelin during a 444,000
kilometer-long run in real world conditions with 48 motorcycles on the demanding streets of
Bangkok city: only one puncture recorded for every 100,000km covered and you can run to
an outstanding average mileage of 20,000 kilometers with your tyre set,” Varit added.
The MICHELIN City Pro is the second new addition to Michelin’s motorcycle range in 2014
after the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4, and is available in no fewer than 21 sizes for wheels of
between 14 and 18 inches and speed ratings ranging from ‘P’ (up to 150kph) to ‘S’ (up to
180kph). The tyre is already available now at your neighborhood retail outlets.

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