2014 Honda CBR250R dual headlight unveiled in Indonesia – Rp 56,7 million (RM15,982)


Indonesia now has a newly designed Honda CBR250R available for riders to get their hands on the riding experience of the machine. The engine are still the same from the 2011 Honda CBR250R MC41 engine but few optimization has been made on the intake airflow and new exhaust muffler design. The 1-cylinder 249cc DOHC engine with the bore and stroke dimension of 76.0 mm x 55.0 mm are now able to maxes out 29ps at 9,000RPM with the torque rated at 23Nm at 7,300RPM. The one thing that can be noted here is that the fuel efficiency has also increased to 50.1km/l. Tank capacity is 13l, so, this means that you can go 651.3km with every fuel tank, theoritically. 


The update of the bike is prominent on the dual headlight design which is looking very sporty and race-like. This has been the design that looks closely from the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade.

The first country to receive this CBR250R is actually Thailand with the variant CBR300R. Seeing the 2011 Honda CBR250R is marketed in Malaysia, we might also get the update soon. Or maybe not.

2014 Honda CBR250R in Indonesia price is Rp 56,7 million (RM15,982 macam biasa la bro, direct conversion)

via: TMCblog.com

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  1. Tu laa korg xtau…duet indnesia lebih tggi nilainya dari malaysia…sbb tu sane lebih murah…phm??lau aku ckp cukai malaysia tggi nant ade laa ckp…bukan sbb cukai harga jadi mahal…bijaksana…maklumlaa kat skolah dulu xblajar…

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