GPR Grand Prix Evolution exhaust system for Yamaha XJ6 – RM4,000



This full system uses a version of the GPR best selling Grand Prix Evolution silencer. The pipework is all hand welded 304 stainless steel.
Yamaha XJ6 has what Yamaha call a “mid ship” silencer. Basically the silencer is within the same unit as the catalytic converter underneath the bike which in turn is a welded part of the exhausts system. Therefore if you wish to improve the sound of the bike you have to replace the whole system. This system is road legal and has a removable db reducer. By removing the catalyzer and the rather large silencer box underneath, the weight can be saved up to an incredible 7kg less. The power is increased by approx 6hp.
GPE is cutting edge modern but with classic good looks and performance that bring a guaranteed improvement to any bike. Road legal.
A removable db reducer and in line cone baffle offer the option when removed of full un-restricted race performance when used on the track. Either Jekyl or Hide you choose. Visit for more information
Recommended price is RM4,000.
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