2014 Yamaha Ego LC 125 YMJET_FI in Malaysia – RM5,670 (basic price)


Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia introduced another automatic bikes today with YMJET_FI system that is the Yamaha Ego LC 125 YMJET_FI. This makes it the 3rd bike under 150cc that equipped with the fuel injection system. In Indonesia, this model is known as the Xeon RC. Powered with 124.86cc of liquid-cooled engine, this bike maxes out 11.4PS at 9,000RPM with 10.4Nm at 6,500RPM. Fuel tank can fills 3.8 liter which seems like a small number, but since this Ego LC comes with the YMJET_FI system, it will be fuel-efficient and can still go far enough. 

The livery and graphics has been updated with prominent ‘LC’ sign to show that this bike is liquid-cooled. Front brake have the usual single-piston caliper disc brake and rear with the drum brake.

For a price at RM5,670 (basic price), it is not far off from the price of the non-FI Ego LC which should attracts potential buyer. The era of FI bikes is already here.

via: https://www.facebook.com/ahhongmotor?ref=stream and Haziq Faris

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