2014 SHOEI X-Spirit II Marquez Mt.Melo Full-face Helmet


SHOEI has comes out with 2014 Marquez Mt.Melo #93 in unusual light blue colour. Marc Marquez avatar is known as the ant, but in this helmet, I can’t see the ant anywhere in livery. The one helmet that Marquez always used is the one in red and white with the ant appear in the livery. Anyway, there is the #93 sign on the helmet that shows this road helmet gets the Marquez endorsement.


Livery aside, the X-Spirit II is one of the best helmet available in terms of fit. This is due to the path that SHOEI choose to make it should fit to almost every rider head. Rather than making one outer shell size for XS-XXL, with differences only in padding for the fitment, what SHOEI did is to construct 4 outer shell to fit different sizes. The sizes are differentiated like this: 1) XS-S, 2) M, 3) L, 4) XL-XXL. So, what happens is that you’ll have a small outer shell when you choose XS, and you’ll get a bigger outer shell when you choose XXL. Usually, many manufacturers use only 1 size for the outer shell, and add the thickness of the padding to fit smaller head sizes. For bigger size, they minimise the thickness of the padding to fit the bigger head. The idea is to cut cost of manufacturing. SHOEI X-Spirit is a premium helmet, so they can use a much funds to make the perfect combination of the outer shell to fit different sizes.

via: http://www.shoei-europe.com/uk/products/X-SPIRIT-II/