2014 Benelli BN302 – 300cc two-cylinder and double front disc brake


Benelli has been so aggresive in preparing bike for the world to get a taste of it. Now, we can see the revelation of this Benelli BN302. Featuring a double front disc brake and a naked style that looks nice. The rear suspension is similar setup like the Kawasaki ER-6. The engine is at 300cc 2-cylinder and this, for Malaysia will make it require B full license. Anyway, good effort from Benelli.

via: http://tmcblog.com/2013/11/01/pra-eicma-2013-benelli-pun-siap-merilis-sport-302cc-dua-silinder/

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6 Replies to “2014 Benelli BN302 – 300cc two-cylinder and double front disc brake”

  1. bukan wrong marketing stategy…tapi utk pasaran kat europe & us memang diorg akan buat 300cc cam ninja 300cc tu…cuma malaysia ni jer yang bangang lesen B2 boleh bawa takat 250cc jer…patut boleh sampai 300cc mcm luar negara baru la standard

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