2013 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition coming soon – only 1000 unit rumored


2013-yamaha-135lc-gp-edition-001Found on Hội những người yêu exciter vinh FB page about this shot of 2013 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition which is logic since there will be MotoGP Sepang on 13th October 2013. Usually HLYM will produce some limited edition bike to commemorate the event. We have seen earlier 2010 Nouvo LC GP Edition, 2011 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition and 2012 Yamaha 135LC MotoGP Edition. So, anyone of you already own all the 3 series of the limited edition bikes?  2013-yamaha-135lc-gp-edition

Another picture is tipped to us by Khairul Anas. There is no changes to the engine as I know it, but what is special about this bike is that it is going to be limited edition.