2013 Benelli TnT 600 – muscular look, inline-4 engine, USD fork, CKD – RM32k OTR (BLH Motor, Melaka)


Suddenly the name Benelli has become very popular among bikers in Malaysia. Many reader has been talking about this bike in forums, blogs and also on FB. Taking a look at this Benelli TnT 600, it sure should be something to talk about since it features inline-4 600cc engine with RM29,999 price that is amazingly lowest in its class. The real contender to this bike is the Yamaha XJ6, but that one is price at RM41k which is about RM11k more expensive than TnT 600. After reading about it, I wonder what is the TnT stands for, turns out it mean ‘Tornado Naked Tre’, then what does the ‘Tre’ stands for. Well, it is for the frame type, that is Trellis frame. In some other country, TnT 600 also known as BN 600. One of the most interesting design in this TnT 600 is the use of undertail double exhaust that looks very Italian just like the Aprilia Shiver 750. 

2011 Aprilia Shiver 750

Roda-Roda magazine has reviewed this bike in Jun edition and it turns out that they liked it. The maximum speed achieved it 230km/h and at that speed there are no vibration that sent to your body. The sound of the inline-4 engine is nice too. The 600cc engine can churns out 80kW (107hp) 60kW (82hp)at 11,000 RPM with 52Nm of torque at 8,000RPM. That is quite high revving for this kind of bike. Long distance riding are taken care with the big fuel tank at 15liter (1.4 reserve) for lower fuel stops and longer range.

Benelli TnT 600 is CKD in Rawang, Selangor and that is one reason the price is super low for this kind of machine with great look and great performance. The name Benelli it self is a 100-year old brand from Italy that are now getting more popular today in the world after a long time of silence. Anyway, the brand is actually own by China QianJing Group of China (QJ) since 2005, but they are sure making a good effort to bring back the Benelli brand back to its glory.

Benelli TnT 600 is also known as BN600 in Australia and some other country

This article is written a little bit to late since there is one more bike that are going to fight for your money that is the 2013 Honda CB500F which retails OTR at only RM29,550.35. Both bikes are good, depends on your preferences to choose which one are going to be in your garage.

Image credit: BLH Motor FB and http://www.benelli.com.au/bn600

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