Scorpion Serket Parallel exhaust for Honda CBR500R, CB500F and CB500X


Scorpion also has released its flavour of the sweet sounding Serket Parallel exhaust for the Honda CBR500R. This model also fits the CB500F and CB500X. It should increase the power a bit as shown by the data below:

                                                 O.E Style Scorpion Max Gain
Power (BHP) 42.1 Serket 43.2 +1.1
Weight (KG) 4.2 Serket 2.5 -1.7
Noise (dB) 84 Serket 85.5 +1.5

Replacing the exhaust is one of the easiest modification you can do to increase the power and at the same time adjusting the soundtrack of your bike. Check out 4 more pictures after the jump:

Available at:

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