Gallery, Features and Tech Specs: 2014 Honda CBR400R launched in Japan – ¥700,000(RM23,290)


It is now official that Honda CBR400R is actually is the real thing. This beauty will place in the middle of the range between CBR250R and CBR500R. The engine featured for this bike is 399cc 2-cylinder liquid-cooled with 67.0mm x 56.6m bore and stroke dimension. Based on this configuration we can see that the engine is high-revving one that should satisfy the buzz while taking it to the limit.  Honda has been very active launching new bikes almost every two month and that is a good thing for rider like us. Even the CBR400R and CBR500R differs by ‘only’ 100cc, it can actually reflects to lower price and lower license restrictions in some country which again a good thing.2014-CBR400R-004It is as usual equipped with the PGM-FI for that accurate fuel metering at 9,500RPM for 46hp and 37Nm at 7,500RPM of torque. Roller rocker arm and silent cam chain are also used to minimise the power loss due to friction. Other parts that is given special treatment is the piston and connecting rod that uses low-friction coating that has been used in CBR600RR. The connecting rod are joined to the cranskshaft with 180 degree phase that ensure a balanced engine with granted quiteness. Transmission takes the power from the engine to the tyre by 6-speed gearbox for that close-ratio gearing and fuel efficiency. The fuel mileage for this CBR400R is good at 39.7km/l so you can enjoy longer ride with fewer fuel stopsThe total weight of this bike measures at 192kg.

2014-CBR400R-meterThe meter now features all-digital display that provides fuel indicator, RPM rev, speed, fuel efficiency data (km/l) and also a clock. The security system here featured the H.I.S.S that refers to Honda Ignition Security System. This system will disable the engine ignition if non-original key are inserted to the key ignition starter.2014-CBR400R-001CBR400R comes in two version, one with ABS and the other non-ABS with price difference of about ¥20,000(RM650). There are 3 colour to choose that is black, red and HRC signature livery which always looks good. From the side profile, I can’t really see any difference between this and the CBR500R.


The dimension of this bike good and provides seating position at 785mm which should be easy to manouvre around town and traffic stops. The tail light now are also good even with the plate number holder installed. However, I wish the front and rear signal indicator light to be integrated with the light cluster, but I know it is due to the Europe safety regulation that required the signal indicator to be separated. Nevermind.

Twowheelsblog reported that CBR400R will be first available in Japan, then to some Asian countries after that. Are we one of the Asian countries which will get it?

Technical Specs of 2014 Honda CBR400R

Model Honda · EBL-NC47
Total length (mm) 2,075
Overall width (mm) 740
Height (mm) 1,145
Wheelbase (mm) 1,410
Ground clearance (mm) 140
Seat height (mm) 785
Weight (kg) 192 [194]
Riding Capacity (people) Two
Fuel consumption rate (km / L) 39.7 (60km / h fixed area traveling test value)
Minimum turning radius (m) 2.7
Engine type NC47E
Engine Type Two-cylinder water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve series
Total displacement (cm 3) 399
Inner diameter × stroke (mm) 67.0 × 56.6
Compression ratio 11.0
Maximum output (kW [PS] / rpm) 34 [46] / 9,500
Maximum torque (N · m [kgf · m] / rpm) 37 [3.8] / 7,500
Fuel supply system Electronic <electronically controlled fuel injection system (PGM-FI)>
Starting method Starter
Ignition device format Full transistor battery ignition
Lubricating method Pumped splash combination formula
Fuel tank capacity (L) 15
Clutch type Coil type spring wet multi-plate
Transmission format -Mesh 6-speed return
Gear ratio first gear 3.285
2-speed gear ratio 2.105
3-speed gear ratio 1.600
4-speed gear ratio 1.300
Gear ratio 5-speed 1.150
Gear ratio 6-speed 1.043
Reduction ratio (primary / secondary) 2.029/3.000
Caster angle (degrees) 25 ° 30 ‘
Trail amount (mm) 102
Tire (front) 120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
Tire (rear) 160/60ZR17M/C (69W)
Brake type (front) Hydraulic disc
Brake (rear) Hydraulic disc
Suspension (front) Telescopic
Suspension (rear) Swing arm (Pro-Link)
Frame format Diamond


One of the interesting thing that I’ve about this CBR400R is that it might come in the flavour of CB400F and CB400X based on the brochure details info (refer to the screenshot below).





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  1. I have a feeling we won’t see it here. There’s a 400cc version of the Ninja(looks just like ER6n and ER6f) that I’ve seen only in Japanese market and Canadian market, but I never seen it anywhere else.

    This looks like the 400cc version of the CBR500R.

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