Michelin Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial – the test ride


Michelin has provide the media ample time to test the performance of the two new tyre. They compared the Michelin Pilot Street Radial against the stock tyre that is the IRC Roadwinner which is fitted to 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R. First, we tested the IRC Roadwinner for 15 minutes and switched to the Michelin Pilot Street Radial. On IRC Roadwinner the bike already feels good and easy to take the straights and corners at the track. Both of the bikes tested are using the recommended tyre pressure as on bike manufacturer suggests. After changing to Michelin Pilot Street Radial, the first thing that we notice that the bike have less vibrations and handle the straight nicely. Cornering is also good and the feedback from the steering is better without the jitter from the bumpy track.   Michelin-Pilot-Street-0021

The tyre also has been demonstrated with wet grip test and the results in front eyes shown that the braking distance for dry and wet is almost the same. In fact, on 50km/h braking speed, the distance were only separated by 2-3 inches. That is very good performance for a tyre in this condition. Michelin achieved this by using a better tread pattern and addition of Silica to the tyre compounds that maximise the grip in wet condition.pilot-street-radial

The Pilot Street Radial are tested on two type motorcycle that is the Kawasaki Ninja 250R and the Honda CBR250R. Both of the bikes are tortured by the media and all of them are impressed with the performance and difference of the tyre as compared to the stock tyre.Michelin-Pilot-Street-0052

Another test was the handling test as proposed for the Michelin Pilot Street tyre. Media are requested to finish the track exactly on 45.00s, no more no less. That was a challenging event at the day and the closest time was 44.75s and everyone was happy to see a rider almost achieving the target time.Michelin-Pilot-Street-0032

Some of the challenge were to balance on a plank of wood and not touching the feet to the ground. Before entering this plank of wood, many media has drop since there is the slow corner of obstacle that the rider needs to take.


We were also briefed about the Michelin Pilot Street before taking the handling track challenge to know how the tyre can benefit the rider in the city riding style.Michelin-Pilot-Street-008

Other than that, we are also testing the Michelin Pilot Street on the track and happy to report that it works well. The cornering angle can be as low as it can before the bike hit the foot peg. The tyre grips well on the straight and take the corners nicely. If the foot peg is removed, the bike can be taken to lower lean angle.Michelin-Pilot-Street-011

One of the tester of the Michelin Pilot Street, Mr Norick is scraping the foot peg of the bike while taking corner on the track. As a conclusion, the Michelin Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial performs very well. One of the most improved feature is the wet grip performance. It can now be the balanced tyre that can be taken on the road for high performance riding and at the same provide good grip also in the rainy days.

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