My opinion about the Honda Future Helmet-In

There has been a lot of discussion about this new Honda Future 125 on MM FB page and also on this post. I personally likes the features available for this bike. There are a few important features that I think are very important for this Honda Future to beat other bikes in the same category. The bikes in the same category are Axelo, Wave 125, Lagenda 115 and Ace 115. Even though Lagenda 115 and Ace 115 are 115cc and 120cc bikes, we can still consider it in the same category as there are no offering from both of the manufacturer that can provide 125cc 4-stroke moped model. Also, the price not differs much.

Important features of the Honda Future Helmet -In

1. Helmet-in Underseat Box

This is one of the very important feature of this new Honda bike. I have been struggling to keep my helmet every time I park my bike. You can use the helmet hook that is available on most bikes, but imagine if that time is raining. Your helmet will successfully become a good water basin. By keeping the helmet under the seat you can make sure it doesn’t become wet. Good thing!

If you were someone who like to wear expensive helmet like original SHOEI, ARAI or AGV, even just riding moped, you’ll definitely be thankful of this feature. You can properly secure the helmet invisibly under the seat. At least, we can reduce the potential of the helmet being stolen since it is not visible on the bike. Anyway, it’ll be a great loss if you lose everything including your bike to a thief. In the end, the helmet-in feature is an important feature for any moped that can give lots of benefit and enhance the security of helmet  which is a good addition to this Honda Future (I don’t like the name Future though, since it is not so much futuristic at all).  

2. BIGGG fuel tank at 5.6l

Honda bikes are well-known for its fuel-efficiency, but most of their bikes only have small fuel tank that is ranging from 3.5l (iCOn) to 3.7l (EX-5). In Malaysia, we need a big fuel tank capacity for extended journey with minimal fuel stops. Some of my friend riding everyday to go to work from Shah Alam to Rawang with his 135LC(4.0l) and everyday he needs to top up his fuel tank on the way back to his home. This thing has become normal to him become because he experienced it everyday, but wouldn’t it be better if you still have some fuel left after your journey for the day. I mean, you only need to top up the fuel once per two day. That would be great. Honda Future comes with 5.6l of fuel tank capacity, that is 60% more capacity that iCon or 51.35% more capacity when compared with EX-5! How are you going to neglect that feature when long journey is why you need to ride a bike? In my humble opinion, this is a very needed features for a long distance traveler and should be for your consideration if you are one of them.

3. Wider seat

With the ability for this Honda Future to be a long haul bike, Honda has make the bike better by having a wider seat. Long distance traveling are also known as ‘iron butt ride’ since the butt can really hurts. You need a butt made of iron to endure the torture of that long journey. Honda knows this and the introduction of the feature to this bike will make the riding less torturous and more comfortable for us all.

4. Front and rear disc brake

Usually Honda likes to use traditional drum rear brakes for their moped. This is good too since drum brakes are known to be simple to repair, maintain and at the same time is light weight. Anyway, in Malaysia, the fatality rates of bikers are among the highest in the world and having a more powerful brakes can at least help to increase the safety of the bikers. In my opinion, disc brake are much better than drum brake is it has better reliability rate. What I mean is that, the drum brake shoe (pad) doesn’t last very long compared to disc brake pad which can last for at least few years without changing (depends on your riding style though!). Based on experience using rear drum brakes on my RX-Z, I need to adjust it timing every month. After 3 month, I already need to change the drum brake shoe to a new one. Compared to the front disc brake which actually handles 70% of my braking, it is not being changed yet even up to this day and still working good! Long haul rider will need to get this for your ride, it can increase the ability of your braking so that you maneuver on the road will be better and of course, it will enhance the safety of your journey.

Guys, all that is being written based on my humble and low-knowledge opinion being in this arena of motorcycle without any bias to any brand. I hope it can give you some idea about whether you can choose this bike as your next bike. You are invited to comment below to make this article better. Thanks for your time!

Yeah, here is the price again for Honda Future Helmet-In electric starter / alloy wheel sport rim / double disc brake OTR = RM6,200.

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20 Replies to “My opinion about the Honda Future Helmet-In”

    1. if u like to save fuel,take that bike, if u wanna performance so take lc& fz….for me there is not has a much different in fuel consumption if we ride it in high speed.

  1. Pendapat sy, cuba bro2semua pi kedai tgk dgn mata sendiri…..kalau boleh test sekali….sebab sy tgk dgn kepala sendiri memang terbaik jugak moped nie, enjin moto ni enjin baru..bkn drpad wave lama, meter moto teseebut berat, tempat duduk lebar,….consumption petrol pd sy depend cr kita bawak, berat bdn, berat brg yg kita bawa…

  2. thi issue is …when will Honda intro PGM-FI to it’s moped bike here in Malaysia…. The design are to outdated … colours are out…. no manual clutch … like LC …. when will Honda BS will introduce better design bikes and feature in Malaysia??? Moped bike are a part of everyone life here in Malaysia…… thats what i think… thanks…

  3. hahahah…I just book this bike, price OTR just only RM5330 only. Tokey said, it just intro price. So, I bet I’m lucky person get that bike (front n rear disc model) for that price 🙂

    Tommorrow will get this bike.

    1. Slm Din, have got your bike and enjoy riding it??Ok..need to know..if you are around Klang Valley then you are the person that we are looking for…owner of Honda Future. Pls contact me 016-2632393. I will explain further. TQ

  4. Honestly i feel that rear discs are a bit of an overkill for small mopeds. I say this because my previous bike was a gt128 which had rear discs and the rear wheels can fishtail (esp in wet roads) because the brake force is too strong. I think the best safety feature that can be given to motorcycles (even mopeds) is anti lock brake systems (ABS).

    on the other hand, boon siew is a bit greedy, arrogant even, for offering this bike at such a steep price.

      1. at what speed? i believe the FC 60km/l is base on 80km/h speed. i own wave 110, with speed of 60 – 70 (bawak slow sebab nak tgk jauh tak boleh pegi), i can go 200km with 3.2 liter, which is about 62.5km/l , but on wave 110 brochure, it says 52.5 km/h

  5. Negative

    1. Old design
    2. Overprice
    3. I don’t like their futuristic name (Old design after all)

    On the positive note? I ain’t find this bike worth for me to buy.. Sorry Honda.. I don’t like to make comparable hence this topic is all about Honda Future..

  6. All features is good & amazing…but I don’t like the design. The design just like old Honda Wave 125… It should be like Honda Wave Dash. Sure it will be sell like hot cake! And I will let go my old 135lc!

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